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With FeedbackTab you activate your customers and prospects.

Obtain user feedback in real time. So you able to generate improvements and increase your conversion rate. Our cloud solution allows you to quickly and safely collect and analyze feedback from your customers. The integration takes only a few minutes.


With its individual configuration, FeedbackTab fits perfectly into your webdesign. Take advantage of the simplicity, flexibility and performance of FeedbackTab ...

Cloud technology

FeedbackTab is operated by us in the cloud. Our solution is thus fast, secure and scalable. No matter where your customer is ...

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Sign up today for free and without obligation at FeedbackTab. Can test nearly all functions for a unlimited time. Get started in just a few minutes ...

Welcome to FeedbackTab

Peggy Pankrath FeedbackTab

FeedbackTab is nice, fast and secure. Thanks to the latest cloud technology, it fits seamlessly into your website. It works with all major web browser on tablets and smartphones.

  • Easy and customer-oriented
  • Fast and secure
  • Individually customizable

Increase the performance of your website with FeedbackTab. We deliver a complete solution that makes it possible to quickly and easily collect feedback from your visitors.

Peggy Pankrath, Founder & Owner